As the temperatures are getting cooler and the leaves are changing, that only means on thing -the History Museum will soon be wrapping up their 2016 season. This Columbus Day weekend will be our last open weekend for the year.

This season, we have been fortunate to be able to install a large touch screen kiosk in the museum. This allows our visitors to view the Stedman and Moses Collection of Glass Plate Negatives in a large format. It sure is exciting to view these images and point out the fine details that cannot be seen in the original 5” x 7” format. With the large screen you can read the signs on the front of Main Street buildings and see the different objects for sale on the counters of the once, Lake Placid Pharmacy.

As most of you know, the Collection is so vast and so many topics and events from Lake Placid can be explored. I thought it would be fun to find some images of autumn outdoor activities to share this month.


A man and boy hiking.


A woman returns home from an afternoon of fishing.


Three men pose for the camera before going out hunting.



If you are interested in exploring images, there are over 800 photos to view on NY Digital Heritage.